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Solve Common Problems

Your group of dogs is most certainly unique, but fortunately problems that face multi-dog walkers are common. Here’s how TinyHorse equipment helps solve those issues.

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The leashes are tangled

TinyHorse gear offers multiple strategies to tackle tangles. Here’s our advice for different group sizes:

  • Two never tangle. Swivel out of every tangle like magic, no matter how squirrely your dogs are. Video.
  • Three to four is a breeze. Just unclip your main lead, grab two leashes below the tangle and pull them apart until the leashes have spun out of the knot. Re-clip your lead. Video.
  • Group groups of four or more, split your dogs into two or more smaller groups and apply the strategies above. For every group you make, you’ll need an additional lead and connecting ring.

    For example, if you have four dogs split them into two groups of two. With a group on either side, the dogs will swivel out of every tangle. 

The leashes unclip or slip out of hand

“Safety” is a premier design feature at TinyHorse. We use auto-locking carabiners to connect your dogs to the system. They prevent accidental unclippings even in the most chaotic moments. As well, by connecting dogs to rings rather than holding each leash individually, you are freed from the worry of letting go of a leash.

The dogs pull on each other

We hear this a lot from people who’ve used traditional leash couplers. TinyHorse solves that problem through adjusting leash lengths.

Use the adjuster to toggle the distance between dogs. Put the dog who pulls or lunges on the shortest leash. Lengthen the leashes of the other dogs. When the dog on the short leash pulls, the dogs will have slack leashes. Video

You can create an even larger safety buffer by mixing and matching between our regular length Lead-All leashes and longer Lead-All Extra leashes.

You’ve got your hands full

Reduce the number of leashes you’re holding in hand by connecting them to a single ring. Then you clip in one handle to guide the entire group.

Or free your hands all together with our wearable products — they create physical connections to your body, allowing you to walk dogs hands-free. These products are designed with instinctive handle placements, so you can reach for control within a moment's notice.

You “white-knuckle it” through walks

Do you feel like you’re hardly breathing from the beginning of the walk to the end? You can get ahead of the chaos by creating a better management system with TinyHorse equipment.

Our gear helps you focus on dogs who need the most guidance; it can free your hands when you need them for more than just leashes (treats, pats, pictures, poo, etc.); and you can rely on its multitude of clips and handles to fasten dogs to park objects so you can take a self-care moment — yes, you’re allowed to do that!

Overtime, you’ll find new-found energy to engage with your crew. And that’s what it’s all about — finding the joy in multi-dog walks! You got this!

You’re in pain

There are three ways TinyHorse equipment is designed strategically to address physical pain:

1. The Lead-All leash system shifts the pressure away from your hands and wrists to a connecting ring, eliminating the micro fatigue that causes chronic pain.

2. You can rotate your "lead point" by taking advantage of the many ways you can reconfigure our gear. Lower back sore? Walk dogs using your chest. Shoulders sore? Go hand-held for the day. By routinely changing where your body is strained, you allow rest and healing to happen.

3. Our products are designed with your body's natural position in mind. We want your handles to be where your hands are placed at rest, and for you to exert less effort in managing all the lines.

Take care out there!

Highly Recommended

Backed by a 4.93 / 5 rating and nearly 600 reviews, our dog gear company stands out among the rest.

We come highly recommended in social media groups for dog-care professionals, because our designs are the epitome of industry expertise.

We have thoughtfully integrated 10,000+ hours of our own dog walking experience and years of user feedback from other dog care professionals since our launch in May 2017. This gear is a much-need community collaboration, and with our in-house workshop we've tested, discarded and approved many ideas, materials and hardware. What surfaces on our website is our very best.

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Is TinyHorse gear safe?

To ensure safe use of our gear, we have implemented various design measures (auto-locking carabiners to secure dogs and quick release clips to free humans in a snap) and provided advice for best practices. It is highly recommended that you never leave the gear on dogs when they are unsupervised. When introducing new dogs to your group, use a solo line rather than connecting them to the main group. Additionally, always be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution on treacherous surfaces such as ice or gravel, especially when you are physically attached to our gear.

How are TinyHorse products priced?

Our product line is priced to reflect the unparalleled quality and innovation that goes into each unique design, production process, and customer service interaction.

We source only the finest materials for our goods, which are meticulously handcrafted in Canada with a strong emphasis on ethical practices that reduce harm for pets, people and the planet.

Our commitment to 5-star customer support is evident through video tutorials, personalized consultations, and ongoing assistance. When comparing our products to generic pet items, the difference is immediately visible.

Investing in our tools means investing in the success of your business, fostering meaningful connections with the dogs you handle, and prioritizing your personal well-being.

Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes. Our Ambassador program is open to dog walkers who already use TinyHorse equipment daily. You can apply here

Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes. Our wholesale program is open to companies that have an established retail platform. Apply here.

What training methods does TinyHorse subscribe to?

We are always learning. Naturally our approach is force-free and compassion-forward.

We're big on making the most of your time with your crew using treats, games and non-forceful engagement — even something as simple as routinely saying every dog's name while leashed at the end of a walk, waiting for individual eye contact and giving a treat or physical touch goes a long way in bond-building in our experience.

That said, we respect everyone in their dog-handling journey, and realize that there are many behavioural scenarios we have zero experience with.

Getting to know and being with dogs is an infinite process and we wish for everyone to be open to new ideas, peer-reviewed research and to be compassionate. Stay curious!

We are fans of Toronto-Based educators EduCanine. They have excellent resources for both dog lovers and dog-care professionals, and in 2023 they held Canada's first-ever conference on dog training. We attended, and it was illuminating!