Lead Collection

  • Leader Pro (Wholesale) - TinyHorse Mercantile


    Connect dogs to your body using the Leader. Wear it around your waist or across your chest.

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  • Handler Lite (Wholesale) - TinyHorse Mercantile


    Clip this short, traffic-style lead to a ring of Lead-All leashes to create a handle. Use the extra clip to attach it your Leader to create a second group of dogs or to go hands free.

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  • Sidekick (Wholesale) - TinyHorse Mercantile


    Slide one or more Sidekicks onto your Leader (or any trustworthy belt) to create additional body attachments.

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  • Transport Lite - TinyHorse Mercantile


    The Transport is strictly a hand-held lead. Clip it to a ring of leashes and use the dee ring in the handle to walk a dog separate from the main crew.

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