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Organize, stow and carry your long line or other dog walking accessories with the Keeper. It’s made of genuine BioThane.

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Why we love the Keeper

It's a minimal piece for carrying maximum gear — hands-free

This little strap packs punch when it comes to carrying and stowing long lines, as well as muzzles, spare collars, etc. Feed the strap through your gear, pass the clip through the loop and then snap it onto any object you like — we had the rings featured on the Leader in mind while designing this. Add the Keeper to your kit, it will bring even more hands-free razzle dazz to your dog walking routine — queue the jazz hands!

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Pro Series

Products in our Pro Series are made from authentic BioThane, a renowned PVC-coated webbing favoured for its durability, waterproof and easy-to-clean properties. This is the best choice for all-weather walks and for extending the life of your investment in dog walking gear.

Product Specifications


Made in China


Aviation Aluminum


10.25 in / 26 cm



50 g / 1.76 ounces


A product's weakest point is the clip, so we base strength on clip break load. This product has a nickle-plated trigger snap with a break load estimated at 286 lbs / 130 kg.


While we've made the safest choices possible for this product, animals are unpredictable by nature. Furthermore, choices made in regards to how animals are handled and how the quality of the gear is maintained in the long term is not within TinyHorse's control. By purchasing this product, the customer hereby releases TinyHorse from any liability or responsibility that may occur, either indirectly or directly from the use of this product.

Please email us immediately at if you experience a safety incident as a direct result of this product.



🫧 Light cleaning: wipe product with a warm, soapy cloth then hang to dry.

🧽 Deep cleaning: soak product in warm soapy water for 30 mins, wipe with a cloth then rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry.

🧺 Machine wash: Put product in a laundry bag, wash on gentle with cold water, hang to dry.

🧼 We recommend using mild detergents as heavy duty detergents have shown to effect the finish on some products. If you are unsure of the intensity of your detergent and want to extend the finish, soak clips in hot water only.

🌊 Rinse product after exposure to salt water.


🛠️ Ensure that you regularly soak the entire product. It's important to clear debris from the mechanics of clips for long-term use. Apply high-quality oil to swivel to extend the life of your product - like a tire tread, this mechanism eventually wears away and the product will need to be replaced. NEVER apply oil to trigger chambers as this may lead to unwanted unclippings. Regularly check the swivel and opening/closing mechanism of clips.

🦷 Never leave your gear unattended with dogs known to chew.

🚗 Do your best to protect gear from exposure to extreme conditions, especially those created during vehicle storage (such as direct light through windows or freezing temperatures).


TinyHorse uses the best materials and construction methods possible. Stitching and hardware are under warranty for one year. Damage to the product's material inflicted through use is not included in the warranty. For more information please see our policy page.

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