Collection: Lead-All Mini (Legacy)

The Lead-All Mini leash collection was designed for dogs under 20 lbs. This model will be discontinued after our remaining stock is sold out.

Why are these products being discontinued?

The Lead-All leash has undergone several upgrades since it was first released in May 2017. The Lead-All mini collection was introduced in 2019 to offer a lightweight alternative to our standard-sized leash that featured heavy traditional metal clips.

We’ve since upgraded the clips on our standard model to auto-locking carabiners. These clips are made of aviation aluminum making them significantly lighter than the former version. As well, their auto-locking functionality makes them the safest clip on the market for keeping dogs attached to their gear. Due to these improvements in weight and safety, we’ve stopped production on all former leashes — which we now refer to as the “Legacy” collection.