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Connecting Ring

Connecting Ring

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Link dogs and humans together with connecting rings.

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Why we love connecting rings

Detail of how ring connects lead-all leashes to a lead to guide your dogs

It's the piece that brings everything together put a ring on it, baby

These welded-steel rings are the epicentre of our Lead-All leash system.

One connecting ring is automatically included with the purchase of two or more leashes. Additional rings enable you to split your dog pack into multiple groups, which can be helpful when learning the system or managing dogs that range in energies and walking abilities.

Ring Guide:
Small -> 1-2 Lead-All leashes
Medium -> 1 - 3 Lead-All leashes
Large -> 1 - 6 Lead-All leashes

We recommend not overcrowding rings, as it can lead to unnecessary damage of your clips. Please always connect our products using the rings, as connecting clips directly to one another can also damage them.

Product Specifications


Made in Taiwan


Nickle-plated steel


small = 1.2 in / 3 cm, medium = 1.3 in / 3.4 cm, large = 1.75 in / 4.5 cm


small = 14 g / 0.5 ounces, medium 27 g / 0.95 ounces, large = 36 g / 1.27 ounces


Nickle-plated welded still ring has an factory estimated breakload of 551 lbs / 250 kg, though breaks have never been reported so we believe the breakstrength is significantly higher.


While we've made the safest choices possible for this product, animals are unpredictable by nature. Furthermore, choices made in regards to how animals are handled and how the quality of the gear is maintained in the long term is not within TinyHorse's control. By purchasing this product, the customer hereby releases TinyHorse from any liability or responsibility that may occur, either indirectly or directly from the use of this product.

Please email us immediately at if you experience a safety incident as a direct result of this product.


TinyHorse uses the best materials and construction methods possible. Stitching and hardware are under warranty for one year. Damage to the product's material inflicted through use is not included in the warranty. For more information please see our policy page.

Our Policy

Make a connection

Link leashes with leads using the connecting ring.