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Life with multiple dogs is better when you've got gear designed for it

TinyHorse products enhance your experience of managing multiple dogs on leash by offering high-quality, versatile tools that reduce the physical and emotional strain of the task. Endlessly reconfigure these tools to address the changing needs within your group, whether you offer dog walking services or are a dog lover who lives in a multi-dog home. 


Taylor Leedahl sits on a railing with Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline behind her. A group of dogs is on leash in front of her.
(Taylor Leedahl pictured with dogs she walked for Bow Wow Walkers)

TinyHorse was inspired by co-founder Taylor Leedahl’s experience as a professional dog walker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She loved working with the dogs, but pain from the chronic stress of managing multiple dogs on leash impacted the joy of her time with the dogs, as well as her personal life. Leedahl recognized that 1) a lack of gear for walking more than two dogs at once and that 2) the inability for a standard leash to accommodate the complexity of commercial dog walking were hindrances to the dog care industry. Leedahl, with the help of co-founder Sara Weetman, set out to make task-appropriate tools.

They designed the Lead-All leash, a patent-pending product that centralizes the pull of multiple dogs into a singular, manageable point. The reduction of micro-fatigue on the body and mind was immediately apparent and quickly attracted the attention of fellow dog walkers. TinyHorse's premiere product, the Lead-All, launched in May 2017 and since has been improved upon through customer feedback and Leedahl's 6-year career walking dogs. The product line now includes modular components for hand-held and hands-free dog walking, as well as training and safety tools. 


Waist-down view of a dog walker who has separated her charges into multiple groups.
(Stay Pooched Dog Walking, Vancouver, BC)

What initially began as a singular connection point has expanded into a responsive set of tools used to attend to and manage the diversity of needs within a group of dogs. By enabling you to connect dogs to one central point or to split your group into smaller manageable units, the same set of tools can be used to walk a group of well-trained dogs in the morning and then be reconfigured for a mixed-need group in the afternoon, allowing you to focus your attention where it’s needed most. With gear working with you rather than against you, you’re able to apply your training approach to dogs who require guidance.


Melanie from Canine Convoy with 5 dogs separated into two groups
(Canine Convoy, Richmond Hill, ON)
Many factors can impact the success of a group walk. TinyHorse provides a set of tools to help solve issues around handling multiple dogs, but a dog’s training program, your walking route and even your business model can pose issues that TinyHorse cannot remedy – for example, the choice to walk ten hyperactive dogs on leash is the issue, not the incapacity of the leashes.

We see dog walking as a specialized industry that not only requires task-specific tools, but also great thought and professional development. TinyHorse is committed to being part of the professional growth of the dog walking industry!

Dog walker high-fives a Boston terrier she's carrying in her arm while walking 4 other dogs hands free
(Snout's Honour, Mississauga, ON)

Our products are manufactured in-house using the best materials we can find, which are sourced through Canadian companies. We offer our products in a range of colours to help you reflect your personal or company brand, and as well as in a variety of materials to offer a price point in your budget. Our wearable products are covered by a body positivity policy, which means we'll ensure the fit of your product without an additional cost to you.

We are a "Planet, then People & their Pups, then Profit" kind of company, because with no planet we have no home, and without you we have no company. We care about our community and work to reflect that in our product line, marketing and company activities. 

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