Est. 2019

Royal Paws Pet Services

Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

Services include Pet Wedding Chaperone and Pack Walker

The Viral Sensation

Kelsea’s venture into the world of dog walking was a random result of her need to be more active post-surgery and her golden retriever’s age preventing long walks. What was going to motivate her to get outside now? Dogs… lots of them! This fluke turned into a full-time passion, offering group hikes and later a one-of-a-kind wedding chaperone service for dogs. 

Kelsea’s unique wedding chaperone service for pets didn’t just fill a niche; it captured the hearts of pet lovers everywhere, going viral on Instagram. This unexpected surge in popularity put Royal Paws as a "Chaperone" into the spotlight. This sought-after experience for couples wanting to include their pets in their special day, became an official service offering at Royal Paws.

An Award-Winning, Flourishing Service

Five years ago, a twist of fate and a step towards recovery from jaw surgery led Kelsea down an unexpected path. Royal Paws Pet Services is now a flourishing business that intertwines the love for animals with two robust services—a dog chaperone for weddings from Barrie to the Greater Toronto Area and a trail walker in the scenic woods surrounding Barrie, Shanty Bay and Angus. And in 2023, Kelsea was awarded "Best Dog Walker" in her area by Community Votes Barrie.

With three packs a day, Monday through Thursday, and a more relaxed schedule on Fridays, Royal Paws ensures that each dog receives the attention and exercise they deserve. The weekends are reserved for chaperoning, where Kelsea brings joy to couples by ensuring their loved ones are part of their special day. It’s a service that has grown purely out of love and demand, showcasing the increasing role of dogs in family life.

A Day with Kelsea

A typical day in the life of Kelsea unfolds with her dog, Ernest the Basset Hound, by her side as she begins pickups at 8 am. After the car ride, she leads her crew through quiet nature trails for off-leash adventures or keeps everyone on-leash in conservation areas. As the day progresses, she navigates walks with multiple packs, managing up to 25 dogs daily. It's a bustling routine, filled with wagging tails, playful barks, and the occasional wet dog smell lingering in her car. But amidst the chaos, Kelsea finds solace and fulfillment in her work, blending her marketing background seamlessly with her love for animals.

Reflecting on her favorite dog walking memories, Kelsea shares heartwarming anecdotes of clients connecting, “My favorite type of memories are the ones where my clients will run into …another client on the weekend,” and witnessing the transformation of once challenging dogs into beloved crew members. Kelsea loves observing the change and growth in her crew, especially “moments where you start to notice those changes in the dogs and they're trusting you more.” Community building within the packs and among their families has been an unexpected reward for Kelsea.

Quality and Reliability with Tinyhorse

Tinyhorse has become an indispensable part of Kelsea’s daily routine at Royal Paws Pet Services. The versatility and convenience of the Tinyhorse gear are evident in how seamlessly it integrates into her workday. From untangling itself to withstanding the pull of 120-pound dogs, Tinyhorse gear has surpassed her expectations time and time again. 

“[It’s] in my car, it's hanging on the cages behind me so it's like always there. I use multiple leashes on my walk, so I always have the Leader around my waist and then I usually have the Transport or the Handler, sometimes both, in each hand.”

The variety of leash lengths, including the long Lead-All Pro Extra, provides flexibility and freedom, allowing Kelsea to tailor her walks to the unique needs of each dog, whether they’re part of a pack walk or attending a wedding. The array of colours not only adds a touch of personality but also helps in quickly identifying the right leash for the right dog.

“I literally have like every colour of the rainbow.”

She finds such value in the brand that she prefers it over standard leashes provided by clients, stating, “no, no, thank you” to anything else. For anyone considering making the switch, Kelsea's advice is clear: “Just do it.” The benefits of Tinyhorse gear far outweigh any hesitation, making it an essential tool for any dog walker. 

A woman smiling and holding up a glass trophy that says "Barrie 2023 platinum winner Royal Paws Pet Services Best Dog Walker"

“My advice to someone who's debating it is to just go for it!”

With Tinyhorse by her side, Kelsea is equipped to handle any situation that comes her way, making her job as a dog walker smoother and more efficient.

A dog walker sitting on a forest floor with 6 dogs around her. A red-coloured setter or retriever is sitting in her lap. The dog walker is smiling and wearing sunglasses.

It’s More Than Dog Walking

Dogs should be included in every aspect of life, from weddings to daily routines. With her unwavering passion and Tinyhorse by her side, Kelsea proves she can offer superior quality and functionality while having a great time and caring for the dogs.

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Thank you Kelsea, Ernest and everyone at Royal Paws Pet Serivces!

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Photos and videos were submitted by the featured dog walker.