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Bowser, British Columbia, Canada

Services include Group hikes

Ever thought of what a relationship coach would look like between people and dogs? Look no further! Meet Kyle Nelson, the owner of MuttStash. He's not your typical leash-puller; he's more like your go-to buddy for all things. You see, Kyle sees himself as a relationship coach between people and their pups. His gig? Bridging the gap between human expectations and dog’s desires, finding that sweet spot where they meet in the middle.

The Daily Hustle

Kyle’s journey began six years ago in Ontario, Canada, where he started with dog walking and training, eventually expanding to daycare services. Four years later, he relocated to Vancouver Island, BC, starting from scratch to rebuild his business in a quaint town called Bowser, known to locals as Lighthouse Country.

Kyle’s services are tailored to the individual needs of dogs, offering private walks for those who prefer solitude and off-leash group adventures in the forest, where dogs can embrace their instincts. But Kyle doesn’t just walk dogs; he fosters relationships. He sees himself not as a trainer but as a relationship coach for dogs and their families.

“I feel more like a relationship coach between people and their dogs … my job is usually bridging the gap between what humans expectations are and what dogs expectations are and helping them meet somewhere in the middle.”

With dogs moving closer to the centre of family life, this is an important distinction to make. Dogs have robust emotional lives, and their families can be deeply effected by their dog's well-being. Kyle is at an advantage to recognize and lean into the greater role he plays.

A typical day for Kyle begins with coffee and organization, as he juggles walking 12 to 18 dogs daily. His trusty Tinyhorse gear ensures a smooth operation as he picks up each member of his crew. His approach is hands-on and personal, often involving training and adventures with his dogs.

Memories and Growth

One of Kyle’s most cherished memories is of a rescue dog named Oso, who, at the age of 7 began her journey with Kyle from MuttStash. Oso would hide at the sight of Kyle, prompting him to patiently wait with treats in hand, building trust one visit at a time. It took a year of gentle coaxing and consistent presence for Oso to recognize Kyle as a friend. The breakthrough came on a sunny day at the beach, where Oso’s eyes sparkled with curiosity and excitement. As Kyle unclipped her leash, a simple playful gesture invited her to explore, and she responded with a joyful play bow. Her tail high and wagging, she ran along the beach, digging and playing, fully embracing the freedom she was given. See Oso pictured with Kyle below.

TinyHorse Magic

Kyle, the owner of MuttStash, swears by the effectiveness of the Handler Pro, highlighting it as his go-to piece of equipment. The Handler Pro’s compatibility with Lead-All leashes makes it a versatile tool, eliminating the need to juggle multiple leashes of varying conditions and lengths. With TinyHorse’s 6-pack of leashes, the Leader Pro, and the Handler Pro, Kyle can manage a group of dogs with ease, allowing him to be mostly hands-free. This is particularly beneficial for him as it enables him to capture Instagram stories, videos, and pictures while on the move. The convenience and functionality of TinyHorse equipment empower Kyle to perform his job with greater efficiency and enjoyment.

“The Handler Pro is called the Handler Pro for a reason. It's pro … it's my favourite piece of equipment. It's interchangeable between all of the leashes.”

“The Leader [Pro] and the Handler Pro … it's the most versatile. I could do literally anything I need to do with a group of dogs and mostly hands-free!”

Cherish the Journey!

Kyle reflects on the lessons learned and the lives touched by his work. With a heart full of gratitude and a spirit renewed, he imparts a simple yet profound message to fellow dog lovers everywhere: seize the moment, cherish the journey, and above all, never underestimate the power of a good walk and when it comes to investing in TinyHorse gear-” Just do it .. [in] like whatever capacity you can!”

Thank you Kyle!

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Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this blog series are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect those of TinyHorse.

Photos and videos were submitted by the featured dog walker.