TinyHorse Lite Essentials

Lite Series

Build your versatile dog walking kit in three easy steps

Products in our Lite Series are made from high-quality nylon webbing, a classic leash material favoured for its lightness and affordability.

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Step 1

Select your Lead-All Lite leashes

Lead-All Lite leashes have an auto-locking carabiner on either end. One end clips to a dog, the other to a connecting ring. You need one Lead-All Lite leash for each dog on your walk. For example, if you walk up to four dogs, you need four of these leashes. Mix and match colours to reflect your personal or professional brand.


Add a Lead-All Lite Extra leash to your kit if there’s a dog in your group who’d benefit from additional space. These leashes adjust from 3-5 feet and are a great option for clipping a single dog directly into your hip (via one of our wearables) — think about a senior dog in a group of juveniles or a small dog in an otherwise large-breed crew.

Step 2: Add Connecting Rings

Join dogs with connecting rings. One ring comes complimentary with an order of two or more Lead-All leashes.

Add additional rings to split a large group (4+ dogs) into smaller, more manageable units. Use small rings for small groups (1 to 2 dogs), medium rings for 1 to 3 dogs and large rings for large groups (4+ dogs). Extra rings also help with gear organization and storage.

Step 3: Select your Lead(s)

Leads are the tool you clip into connecting rings to guide the dogs. We have two categories for leads: Hand-Held and Wearable. You can use just one lead or mix and match between our collections if you want different handling options or are splitting a large group of dogs among multiple connecting rings.

Hand Held Leads

If you're looking for a straightforward starting point with 2-3 dogs, hand held leads are the best choice. They are easy to clip into the system, offer excellent control, and are designed to effortlessly keep the connecting ring in the proper position — above the dogs. Simply clip in and go!

The Transport

The Transport lead is designed for exclusive hand-held use, and has a built in option for splitting one dog off from your main group via the dee ring in the handle. The dee ring can also be used to conveniently hang dog walking accessories.