Buying Guide for Long lines

Customers use long lines to enrich their dog's outdoor experience or as a training tool. Our lines come in three different styles, each with a unique purpose.

What sets our long lines apart?

  • Lightweight
  • Made of waterproof BioThane
  • Secure with auto-locking attachment
  • 900-lb / 4KN break strength
  • Safe design with no loops that catch onto paws or weighted ends that become heavy flying objects when dogs are active


Design: The Trainer
Colours: Neon Orange, Teal
Length: 15 ft

  • Trainer - TinyHorse Mercantile

    The Trainer

    The Trainer is a wearable long line. It has an adjustable handle that can be sized depending on the handler's needs:

    • a simple handle
    • opened wide to wear across the chest
    • closed all together to keep paws safe when used as a drag line
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  • Wanderer (Wholesale) - TinyHorse Mercantile

    The Wanderer

    The Wanderer is a recall assistant for dogs let loose to explore. The handle-less end allows the line to slip effortlessly through natural obstructions, yet it offers a sense of security for the handler when needing to regroup.

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  • Step Line (Wholesale) - TinyHorse Mercantile

    The Step Line

    The Step Line was designed for managing your dog within a close proximity. There's no handle or hardware at the end, so it's safe for play. A knot can be tied at the end for extra stoppage.

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  • Comparison Chart

    Quickly decide which long line is best for a particular scenario.

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Don't Forget The Keeper

This accessory keeps long lines tidy and easy to carry or store.

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