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The Handler: A New Possibility




In TinyHorse launched in May 2017 with a single product: the Lead-All leash system. These are the leashes that join a pack of dogs to one central point. The human handler then clips a lead onto the ring to set the pace and guide the pack. At the time of our launch, we suggested walkers could use any old leash to clip onto the ring. You can still use any leash to guide your pack. But in the years since the launch, TinyHorse has designed a unique line of leads that amplify the possibilities of our leash system beyond any other leash on the market. Our leads characteristically have extra handles and hardware, and they are shorter than general leashes because the overall spatial reach of our approach equals the LEAD LENGTH + LEASH LENGTH. If your lead is too long, you will struggle to keep the central ring in the proper position.

Based on customer feedback and my own experience with the system (I'm a full-time dog walker), we recently made significant changes to the Lead-All leashes. You can read about those changes in a previous blog. One of these changes was the addition of 6 inches to our adjustable Lead-All leash (now adjusts from 25" to 35"). When we revise a product, new design territory opens. 

Now, if you think of our "equation" of lead length + leash length = total spatial reach, you understand that longer Lead-All leashes means we can create shorter leads! And that's exactly what we did. Introducing... The Handler, a 14-inch lead that offers tight control of your pack and the natural positioning of the central ring above the height of your dogs. This product is available in nylon and leather. I use the leather version because it's a "hands-on" product, and I know it will become an extension of my body as it conforms to the shape of my grip in the years to come -- my ride or die, baby!

I've put together a 1-minute video from my day-to-day use (walking dogs for Bow Wow Walkers in Toronto) of The Handler and also how I combine its use with our other new lead, The Leader.


The video notes that the lead can be clipped to the door latch on your vehicle. This feature transfers the jolts of canine excitement from your arm onto the frame of your vehicle. Get your pack organized without the added obstacles of managing dogs pulling to sniff, greet approaching dogs and people or pursuing that runaway tennis ball!


Use The Handler to clip your pack to other objects during your walk. When my pack gets dirty, I like to run them through a ravine before heading home. I clip them to a fence and let them run into the water one by one. I'm hands-free to manage each dog as they individually splash into the water and return to the pack. If a dog has poor recall in an open area, I can unclip that dog from the ring, use the Lead-All leash to walk it into the water and then secure it back to the ring where the pack awaits. With The Handler clipped high, the ring stays up and tangling is minimal while the pack is without their person.

 The Handler pairs well with our other lead, The Leader in its configuration as a waist lead (I wear The Leader all day long and use it as a pick-up/drop-off tool). During walks, I clip The Handler to one of the spare O-rings on The Leader when I need to free my hands. I also use The Leader to store the Lead-All leashes and The Handler while the dogs are off leash in the park, as seen in the video.

But The Handler is wonderful on its own too. When I'm not wearing The Leader and my pack is off leash, I use a Lead-All leash and clip it to The Handler to wear it across my chest. This also allows me to easily leash dogs in the park and still keep my hands free for managing the other dogs and showing them love.

If you're interested in The Handler as your lead, I highly recommend you pair them with the new adjustable leashes. You need that longer length to have a smooth experience with this short lead.

To celebrate the launch of The Handler, we are offering $5.00 off both the nylon and leather versions! That drops the nylon version to $20.00 and the leather to $75.00. This sale will run until Dec 20th, 2019.

Thanks for taking the time to read about The Handler!

Happy Walking,
Taylor Leedahl


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