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Industry Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Big Pack Strikes Back: Industry resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Trio of dogs by Shauna EveDog care professionals are an integral part of the social fabric that supports people with their canine companionships. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the patterns of several of our clients disrupting the stability of many businesses. I’ve talked to dog walkers throughout the week and paid attention to all of your posts, and it seems as though no business has been untouched by the measures put into place to curb the spread of this virus. Some of you continue to support clients who are at the front line of the pandemic or for whom your services are essential. Others are expressing gratitude for continued support from their clients in one form or another. Understandably, some clients have needed to suspend services as their own livelihoods have also been hindered. Certainly these sudden changes have been both a financial and emotional strain on most of us. It's clear we are one BIG PACK sharing a reality.

Aside from the difficulties of this week, I’m inspired to see dog walkers lift one another up, offer ideas about how to navigate this situation, and continue to shine light through posts of the dogs still in their care. TinyHorse wants to participate in this resilience. We have temporarily increased our industry discount on Lead-All leashes from 20% to 30%. As well, the minimum purchase requirement to access this industry pricing has been removed – this will serve those of you needing to top up your kit or who want to sample our professional tools. Now included in the 30% industry discount are all nylon version of our leads: Leader, Handler, Transport and Trek. The discount will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Leather products will remain at their original price. The changes are now live at HTTP://TINYHORSE.CA.

Lastly, it’s important we have a little fun, so we're launching a giveaway series that can be entered through our Instagram stories. Watch for posts about "Big Pack giveaways." No purchase will be necessary. Be sure to follow us! The contests will be open to dog walkers everywhere. Shipping on the giveaways will be free for winners in North America, and TinyHorse will contribute $15.00 towards shipping costs on winners living outside of North America.

I hope this message finds you all well and more oriented than we all were around the same time last week. I believe it's important we do our best to carry on with "business as usual" and respond to developments as they occur. Stay safe, stay sane, walk on!

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You gals are great! Love this and your products <3


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