Est. 2019

Terra Coffey Dog Walking

Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

Services include group hikes, private training walks

“What would you do if your parents were dog walkers?” Terra Coffey’s answer? Continue the tradition with a Terra twist.

Terra began trodding her path in 2019 and now owns and operates Terra Coffey Dog Walking in Pitt Meadows, BC. Today, we dive into an exclusive interview with this west-coast Canadian dog walker and how working for herself means that her “best day ever” involves a handful of dogs and her paddle board. 

Growing up as the child of dog walkers, Terra was naturally drawn to the path. In 2019, she took the leap and started a dog-walking business with friends, then broke out on her own in 2023 to create Terra Coffey Dog Walking. She’s building on years of experience to define her own career and spends every single day hiking dogs along the beautiful trails of Canada’s rainforest.

What does a ”day at the office” look like for this dog walker? It starts early. Before 7:00 am she’s out the door wrapped in her trusty TinyHorse gear and weaving through the neighbourhoods of Pitt Meadows, BC. She picks up each dog and secures them in her truck. This task is made easier with The Leader, which lets her be hands-free as she prepares each dog for the day’s adventure. Once the crew is all aboard, they head to an area with a “back country” feel. There they spend an hour hiking and move through a mix of on-leash and off-leash areas. 

When the dogs are leashed, Terra pays attention to how they are connected to one another — linking dogs with similar paces and making more space for dogs who need it — to ensure everyone’s comfort. Customizing the system to each unique pack dynamic is something Terra Loves:

“I love the rings. I love that I can connect the dogs in different ways so that they're comfortable because some dogs like to walk at a little bit of a different pace or they want more space from the pack and I love ... that I can customize it.”

And we know how dynamic an adventure hike can be: the crew’s initial excitement explodes like a pool-ball break and by the end of their nourishing romp in the woods everyone’s a zen master. And how is Terra feeling at the end of the day? We can only assume more tired than the dogs, because she takes two to three groups out each day! 

Additionally, Terra provides solo walks for dogs who aren’t good candidates for group hikes. She’s developing as a trainer, and focuses these one-on-one walks on working through reactivity and other behavioural challenges. 

Speaking of challenges, Terra is quick on her feet to adapt to them. Her favourite dog-walking memory happened last summer on a scorching day. Several clients cancelled their walk due to the heat, and for those that remained Terra knew it wasn’t the right day for a big hike. Instead she grabbed her paddle board and headed to a nearby lake. They spent their day taking turns learning to sit on the paddle board and gliding across the water. Not only was this a great day, Terra said it provided “such good bonding and connection [to] the dogs.”

Tinyhorse: A Trusted Companion on Every Trail

When it comes to gear, Terra swears by Tinyhorse without hesitation. For over 3 years, Tinyhorse products have been an integral part of her daily routine, offering durability, versatility, and unmatched convenience. The Lead-All leashes, with its clever design and customizable rings, allows Terra to connect her pack in various ways, catering to each dog's unique needs and preferences. And leash tangles? Terra loves that you can just shake them out:

“I love that I can just shake them and they're all straight and I don't have to spend all this time on untangling them …”

Living in the rainy paradise of Vancouver, Terra is grateful for our “Pro” series made of BioThane, because it keeps her leashes odour-free and ready for any weather. No more tangled messes or smelly equipment—just straight, reliable leashes that clean and dry effortlessly, ready for the next adventure.

“I love the biothane. It rains in Vancouver all year. So yeah, I love that my leashes are never smelly, they're never stinky, they're so durable.”

Words of Wisdom

Through her years of dog walking, Terra has learned invaluable lessons about the art of communication and the individuality of our canine companions. She emphasizes the importance of investing in the bond between human and dog, tailoring her approach to each client's needs.

“Connection comes from communication and that comes from investing in your bond with your dog.”

For fellow small business owners venturing into the world of professional dog walking, Terra offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice — “Do it right away. It's just the best!” The time-saving, hassle-free nature of Tinyhorse products has revolutionized Terra’s business, allowing her to focus more on what truly matters—the happiness and safety of the dogs in her care.

On a personal level, Terra’s small-business journey has been one of self-discovery and growth. Learning to set boundaries and prioritizing the well-being of each crew member has been a profound lesson in compassion and dedication.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude our glimpse into the world of Terra Coffey Dog Walking, we're left with a deep appreciation for Terra’s unwavering dedication and the transformative power of Tinyhorse gear. 

Join us in celebrating the bond between human and dog, one trail at a time, with Terra Coffey Dog Walking and Tinyhorse gear by your side. Stay tuned for more adventures, tips, and tales from the world of dog walking, right here on the Tinyhorse website.

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Thank you, Terra!

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