Collection: Lead-All Pro Extra

Connect the dogs you walk to the TinyHorse system using Lead-All Pro Extra leashes. Our "Pro" model indicates that the leash is made of waterproof BioThane, which is non-absorbent and easy to clean.

You need as many leashes as the greatest number of dogs you walk at one time. For example, if you walk a maximum of three dogs at one time, add three Lead-All Pro Extra leashes to your cart. A complimentary connecting ring is included with your order. Add additional rings to your cart if you'd like to split your dogs into smaller groups or to organize your leashes when they're not in use.

These leashes adjust from 3 to 5 feet. We recommend balancing out the long length of the leashes with a short lead like the Handler or by wearing the Leader across the chest as demonstrated in this video. Our standard-length leashes adjust from 2 to 3 feet and offer more control. You can find them here.

The standard-width leashes will soon be replaced by a new model (pre-order begins in Fall 2023). You can still get all the benefits of walking multiple dogs on Lead-All Pro Extra leashes if you mind the safety instructions in this video.